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A New Sermon Series “Wisdom for Life.” <— Click here

—– Youth’s event —–

Daily Devotions – On our Instagram page, we have been posting the daily devotional readings that our church has been going through. The daily devotional readings are also listed at:하루-한-말씀-진도표/ Since our students will spend more time at home, I hope that they will  utilize these resources and stay close to God despite not being able to go to church. On Instagram and Facebook, I will experiment with posting short vlogs here and there to remind our students.

Weekly teaching videos every Wednesday – Click here to the link 

Youth small group classes – We’re kicking off our youth small group classes again starting Sunday, Sept. 6! This year, we’re having the classes divided into 7-9 grades and 10-12 grades.

Confirmation Class – will start next week, on Thursday, Sept. 10, from 7-8 pm. The class is on Thursdays. 

Zoom Bible study class – The class will be on Fridays from 4:30 pm to 5:30 pm. We will be going through the Prayer Course. We were halfway through the course when we had Kairos on Saturdays before the lockdown. We will be finishing up the remaining four sessions through Zoom.

Hiking Event – On Saturday, Oct. 3, we are planning on going to Fountainhead Regional Park (10875 Hampton Rd, Fairfax Station, VA 22039). This is the trail that we’ll be hiking: Hiking Trail
We’ll be meeting at the location at 9 am and we will end at 11 am. We are not meeting at church and we will not be carpooling. There will be no lunch provided so participants should bring their own snacks. We will, however, bring extra water bottles and energy bars. In next week’s email, we will specify the exact meeting spot for the event i.e. parking lot. 
Participants should bring masks, but we will have extra masks just in case. Gloves are not required. We will also have hand sanitizer at hand. Please keep in mind that though this is a hiking event and we want everyone to have a great time of fellowship, we want to maintain some distance from each other during the hike. 

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—– Children’s event —–

Please help your child come to church prepared.  Bring Bible and any homework.