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A New Sermon Series “Wisdom for Life.” <— Click here

—– Youth’s event —–

Daily Devotions – On our Instagram page, we have been posting the daily devotional readings that our church has been going through. The daily devotional readings are also listed at:하루-한-말씀-진도표/ Since our students will spend more time at home, I hope that they will  utilize these resources and stay close to God despite not being able to go to church. On Instagram and Facebook, I will experiment with posting short vlogs here and there to remind our students.

Video Conferencing – Since our students are unable to meet face to face at church, we will explore the option of video conferencing if any of our students are interested in using this medium to stay in touch. For example, I was able to have an online meeting with some of our youth council students recently through Zoom (

Bible Memorization – Also, during this time of quarantine, we want our students to spend the extra time wisely; therefore, we will be offering a prize for Bible memorization. To be sure, memorizing Scripture is its own reward, but we’re adding some extra incentive. For the month of April, students that memorize Psalm 1 and Psalm 23 will receive a $30 Amazon gift card. They have until the end of April! If they’re interested. 

Teaching Video – I have posted the new teaching video today: Surviving the Wild: “Throw Yourself Down”. We are on video #2 in our short video series, “Surviving the Wild.” The teaching goes over the second temptation Jesus faced in the wilderness. 

7/9-18 Mexico mission trip – July 9-18! Like recent years, it will be Cacalchen in the Yucatan. The cost is not finalized, but it should be about $350 per person. For students interesting in participating, they have until the end of March to decide.

Confirmation classes start mid-April – Confirmation Class is for those who have been baptized already and want to be confirmed, and for those who have not been baptized yet. It is open to students in the ninth grade and above. The start date should be Tuesday, April 14. All the other sessions are on Fridays.

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—– Children’s event —–

Zoom Video Conference – I am thinking about doing a Zoom ( Video Conference with all the teachers to see how everyone is doing.  I’ll send out an invite sometime this weekend.  I will also try to do video conferencing with each children to see how they are doing as well. 

4/4 (Sat) – D6 (Zoom Video Conference at 3pm-4pm)

4/11 (Sat) – D6 (Zoom Video Conference at 3pm – 4pm)

Please help your child come to church prepared.  Bring Bible and any homework.